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33 reasons why
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32. Every 3rd SEO business relies on SEO PowerSuite.

From SEO companies formed in 2010, every third one is regularly using all tools from the SEO PowerSuite...

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Compare Web CEO to other SEO tools and find extra values of SEO software

Web CEO developers describe their tool as the most complete SEO software package on the planet. Did you also get tempted by this sweet promise? We were curious to buy Web CEO and give it an expert check. Read on to see how close Web CEO's promise is to truth and why SEO PowerSuite offer is more attractive.

Here's the first question to ask yourself, when choosing your search engine optimization software: For what purpose do I need it? All right, here're the crucial tasks that keep us SEOs busy every day:

  • Keyword research — finding the best keywords to compete in your niche, those that promice easy competition and big profits. Web CEO at keyword research
  • Writing optimized content — gripping and search-engine-friendly content guarantees you links and search engine love, which means a constant traffic flow, high conversion and impressive sales. Web CEO at content writing
  • Link building — the cornerstone of any SEO campaign. This still eats up a greater portion of time that we SEOs and webmasters could have saved for better things. Link building can't be avoided or replaced, and all you can do is automate it as much as you can. Web CEO at link building
  • Competition research — that's the recent trend and those who use this technique definitely hold the aces. You look at the top-ranking guys, know how they did it and improve on that. Spying on your competition is no longer a sneaky trick — that's so far the fastest and easiest way to hit top rankings — and absolutely legal. Web CEO at competition research
  • Checking performance — any activity is money down the drain and time spent in vain unless you're sure it's done well. Thus if you're serious about taking your site to top, you should know at any moment where it ranks. Before and as soon as your website brings its first million, the thing that will keep you sound asleep is knowing that your ranking is under your control. Web CEO at tracking rankings

You can click links in every above section to see detailed comparison of Web CEO and SEO PowerSuite at each of these vital SEO tasks. And to save you time, here's a very convenient list:

What do you have in SEO PowerSuite that you'll never manage with Web CEO?

General feature
Advanced search safety
Here's a common curse of many SEO tools: search engines detect automated search and block it. SEO PowerSuite protects you from this trouble: Google, Yahoo! and Bing API keys, proxy rotation, human emulation and rotation of user agents get things done.
SEO task: Keyword research
Getting an unlimited number of keyword suggestions
Sometimes the most unexpected keywords turn into goldmines. While Web CEO won't let you get more than 1,000 keyword suggestions even in its most advanced version, SEO PowerSuite never limits the list of keyword ideas you can get.
Different keyword suggestion mechanisms
SEO PowerSuite offers you 8 different mechanisms of keyword suggestion: Wordtracker, Google Keyword Suggestion, Yahoo! Search Assist, Ask TypeAhead Search Suggestions, Misspelled keywords, Keyword Combination, Competition Research and Word Mixer).
Immediately knowing your ranking for each keyword
Quite often it's good to pick out for further optimization those keywords for which you already rank high. In SEO PowerSuite you'll know your current rankings for newly-found keywords immediately and hardly miss a word that'll work for you.
Store and view your keywords as you wish
No other software gives you as much freedom in sorting out loads of keywords as SEO PowerSuite, with its customizable workspaces and advanced workspace filters.
Run your software on a Windows office PC and on a Mac OS X home laptop
SEO PowerTools work equally great on different operating systems.
Inner explanations of SEO notions
You don't have to search the web for SEO terms or read books to figure out what to do next. The software tells you all you need to know.
Producing keyword reports and delivering them to clients
Some clients will pay you for picking out the right keywords and delivering this info to them. Why not make such reports? SEO PowerSuite lets you upload them via FTP, print out or email to your clients automatically right from the program.
SEO task: Writing optimized content (onpage optimization)
Know where you start and where you go
At any moment of optimizing your page's content, in SEO PowerSuite you can get to know your today's optimization rate for the whole page and for each page element. There's no better way to check if you're going the right way.
Choosing the search engine for which you optimize the webpage
When you need to figure out your personal optimization plan, it's crucial to choose which search engine you target. Google, Yahoo!, Ask or other — their requirements differ, and SEO PowerSuite knows that.
Analysis of other keywords found on page
Sometimes your page is already well-optimized for the words you didn't expect. What if they are also profitable? SEO PowerSuite shows these words too, and makes sure you don't remove cash-generating keywords by chance.
SEO task: Link building
Advanced means to determine quality of prospective link
SEO PowerSuite will check each potential link partner's Google PageRank, link popularity, Alexa traffic rank and other factors that will determine quality of links before you get them. This lets you concentrate on getting the most profitable links in the first turn.
Measuring your own website's popularity over time
Quickly check link popularity of your own site with SEO PowerSuite's tool, and see a graph of changes over time. This helps you estimate how effective your link building efforts are.
Full management of correspondence with link partners
That's the biggest time-saver for link building (where you can hardly find too many ways to save time in fact). SEO PowerSuite's link management tool will work like an email client sending and receiving correspondence between link partners, organizing them into folders, assigning statuses to each partner and giving you a chance to write personalized emails using predefined templates.
Generating link pages and making them available online
SEO PowerSuite lets you generate link pages that perfectly match your website's design, can be plain-text or include categories. You can upload these pages to your site via FTP right from the software.
SEO task: Competition research for link building
Building linking strategy based on competition research
SEO Success Blueprint that's created in SEO PowerSuite gives step-by-step instructions for a website telling the reader how to outrank online competitors with the help of links.
Finding the most profitable link sources of competitors
SEO PowerSuite figures out where most successful online competitors are getting their links and what link sources bring them top rankings and/or high traffic.
Make link plans available to your SEO clients
You not only figure out a link strategy for a client in a matter of minutes, you arrange it into a brand-tailored report and make it available for printout, upload to a website or email right from the tool. More about competition research.
SEO task: Checking performance (tracking rankings for keywords)
Data migration to spreadsheets
If you don't want to use reports and progress graphs from the software, you easily copy all rankings data to Excel to organize it your own way, make further calculations or use for your own purposes.
Emailing reports to clients automatically
SEO PowerSuite will let you save ranking reports to your computer in PDF (HTML) and email them to your clients automatically from the software.

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